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You do not have to endure the misery alone! Call (914) 415-7035 to find out the how schedule an intervention! For many addicts, addiction seems like an unending cycle of pain and misery, and it can be very awful to look on as a family member, friend, or loved one go through emotional and physical consequences their dependency. Although they are trying to help, most people believe that their best efforts fail or simply make it even easier for the addict to use drugs or alcohol.

There are compassionate professionals whom understand that members of the family, friends, and loved ones of an addict want to do the best in their hands. This will not be effective without at third party that consists of a counselor. In speaking to a drug addict, one must understand that words and tone are key in keeping them engaged during the intervention. Many loved ones wonder what an intervention is. Staging an intervention is the very best, most practical strategy to get an addict to enter a rehabilitation program. For example, getting a drug addict into a certain clinic located near them and their loved ones, can become a therapy technique that encourages the addict to voluntarily begin the next steps of rehab. This first step of rehab is supervised by an interventionist, and includes the addict, and family, friends, and loved ones of the person in concern. An addict who is apathetic towards pleas, unwilling to get treatment, or is blind to their problem is usually the subject of an intervention.

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